• Different nicotinamide Product name:Different nicotinamide
    Product alias:4-Pyridine formamide
    Molecular formula:C6H6N2O
    CAS ID:1453-82-3
    EINECS ID:215-926-2
    Character:White or white crystalline powder, melting point 155-158 ° C, solubility in water of 191.7 g/L (37 °
    Different nicotinamide
  • Isonicotinic acid Product name:Isonicotinic acid
    Product alias:4-picolinate
    Molecular formula:C6H5NO2
    CAS ID:55-22-1
    EINECS ID:200-228-2
    Character:White needle crystal. Melting point is 319 ℃ (315 ℃). Is soluble in hot water, water solution pH val
    Isonicotinic acid
  • nicotinamide Product name:nicotinamide
    Product alias:3-Pyridine formamide
    Molecular formula:C6H6N2O
    CAS ID:98-92-0
    EINECS ID:202-713-4
    Character:White needle crystal or powder. Melting point of 129-131 ℃. The goods 1 g soluble in 1 ml water, 1.5
  • niacin Product name:niacin
    Product alias:3-picolinate
    Molecular formula:C6H5NO2
    CAS ID:59-67-6
    EINECS ID:200-441-0
    Character:Colorless needle crystal. Melting point 236 ℃, 1 g of this product is soluble in 60 ml water, solubl